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What is Kumon?

The heart of the Kumon learning system is a curriculum of more than twenty clearly defined skill levels and hundreds of short assignments spanning material from preschool to college.

How does Kumon work?

It's our formula for success:
1. Success from the start
2. Advance step by step
3. Speed + Accuracy = Mastery
4. Practice makes perfect
5. Realizing each child's potential

How do I enroll my child?

Enrolling in our UVillage Kumon center is simple!
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What's Up at Kumon of Seattle

UVillage Kumon Closed for Labor Day Holiday

UVillage Kumon will be closed for the Labor Day holiday, the week of 8/27-9/3. We open for the new school year on Tuesday, 9/4.
Please click on the Calendar link for our complete center schedule for the year....

Make Your Daughter Practice Math. She'll Thank You Later.

Opinion New York Times, Aug. 7, 2018
Barbara Oakley

The way we teach math in America hurts all students, but it may be hurting girls the most......

Eat, Sleep, Learn

With the glorious summer weather, it's hard to believe that the beginning of school is just around the corner! I hope you have enjoyed the time off from the school routine, and will continue to make the most of the waning season to relax, get outdoors and spend quality time around the grill!

Insuring your kids get off to school on the right foot is important. I believe that success lies in the basics of "eat, sleep and learn:" healthy eating habits, the right amount of rest and a positive and productive work environment.

While it may seem simple, each component will help to start the year right, and keep that trend going!

Summer is a GREAT Time for Kumon!

At first glance, summer may seem like a time to take a break from academics, to give the mind and body a needed rest. We're pretty sure that many of our students would agree! Indeed, we all need vacations to rest and unwind, but Kumon is an ideal program to fill the learning gap that happens over the summer....

Jr. Kumon Program: Early Childhood Learning at its Best!

Students ages 2-7 are eligible for Kumon's quick paced, lively and fun program! Jr. Kumon is designed to equip these youngsters for kindergarten, primary school and for the full Kumon program. Please read more below....

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