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Can we take a break from Kumon?

If you don't use it, you lose it. The same idea that applies to sports, dance and music also applies to building a strong math and reading brain.  Kumon is daily gym for your child's brain.  Every day they are building and expanding the neural pathways in their brains through Kumon study.  If they suddenly stop, those pathways actually contract and shrink.  They lose their edge and their skill.

Steady progress pays off.  Interruptions in your child's Kumon studies can make it harder to maintain the daily routine in general, and put unnecessary bumps in what should be their smooth and continual advancement.

It's easy to adjust your child's work when life becomes busy and chaotic.  Simply cutting back on the number of pages your does each day, cutting down from two subjects to one, coming to class once a week instead of twice, or taking Sundays or weekends off, can make Kumon fit more easily into your daily schedule.