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How can I help my child stay motivated?

Keeping it comfortable. Our most important job is to make sure students are working at the "just right" level.  Because the work is not too easy, not too challenging, not too many pages, and not too few, students trust that the work will never be over- or underwhelming.  Students are able to stay on track with daily study over time, which is how they build strong math and reading brains.

Parents lead by example. Your commitment to Kumon study is crucial for your child's success in the program.  Regular center attendance, finding the 10-15 minutes of quiet study time for Kumon at home, and homegrading every day demonstrate your commitment to your child.

Communicate and celebrate! Daily Kumon provides students with an opportunity to experience success on a daily basis, and parents an opportunity to praise them for their effort and achievement.

Achievement Awards. Our center has a reward system based on a student's effort.  We also recognize our highest achievement-level completion-with a certificate of achievement and a "super prize"- usually a gift card, mechanical pen and pencil set, or other various prizes.  Completing a level is the highest achievement a student can attain and we want to recognize this accomplishment.