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How long will it take for my child to catch up with what she’s doing in school?

All parents want to know when their child will catch up to grade level, but the answer is not simple.  The Kumon curriculum was not created to mirror the concepts that children are learning in school.  In fact, there is no correlation between the Kumon curriculum and school grade level.

Kumon is a mastery, skill-building program.  The school math curriculum tends to be a "mile wide and in inch deep", hitting on many different concepts for brief amounts of time. Kumon students, on the other hand, work on one concept and one concept only until they achieve mastery and then move on to the next.  Students advance only when they demonstrate an independent command of newly acquired skills.  In school, the class moves forward regardless of whether a child needs more practice.

For advanced students, they are able to move ahead through the curriculum at their own pace, regardless of what other students of the same age or in the same level are doing. Students are never held back if they're ready to move ahead, and they're never moved ahead if they need more practice.

Advancing at a just-right pace. Because Kumon is fine-tuned to each student's individual ability, no child advances too fast or too slowly.  It takes exactly as long as it needs to take for students to build, strengthen and master crucial skills, with a full grasp of the material to date and a rock-solid foundation for further advancement.