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Now that my child is doing great in school, why should we stay with Kumon?

Many students stay enrolled in Kumon even after they catch up and move ahead of their work in school.  In fact, some parents enroll their children who are already at or ahead of grade level for advanced study.  Kumon is designed to enable all students to excel, and to nurture skills that help children succeed all throughout school, and beyond.

The "big picture" of your child's education.  Kumon encourages students to remain with the program through completion-Level O in math and Level L in reading.  Kumon is not tutoring and is not meant to be a "quick fix."  Kumon study is an on-going process that requires daily practice and disciplined study habits, as well as the continual acquisition of new skills and concepts.

Qualities nurtured by Kumon-such as confidence, perseverance and independence-continue to develop among students who remain in the program.