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Why can’t Kumon be more flexible with the order of material covered?

Every part of the Kumon curriculum, from individual worksheets to entire curriculum levels, is designed to build incrementally on the foundation of learning established up to that point.  Multiplication by 2 is followed by multiplication by 3; sentence building is followed by paragraph building; and so on.  Just as you might use training wheels on your child's bike, remove one and then the other, Kumon nurtures mastery and independence by simple and logical progression.

We're not inflexible, just uncompromising. We understand that parents may want to "jump" ahead to material that may be current at school, or precisely mirror their child's school curriculum.  Bear in mind that material is introduced in strict sequence at Kumon because that's intrinsic to the method by which it helps your child become a better learner.

Advancing step by logical step. Kumon is a logical and incremental progression of basic concepts.  The student must figure out, apply and fully grasp each concept before advancing to the next level.  This facilitates complete retention and ensures a rock-solid foundation for subsequent material.  Our gradual, ordered sequence of worksheets enables students to succeed on their own step-by-step.  It isn't arbitrary; it's thoroughly worked out and proven in practice time and again.

A deliberately linear approach. Our program is designed to supplement, not mirror, your child's school curriculum.  Schools may take a "spiral" approach, exposing children to various topics that appear and reappear before being addressed in their full depth.

Our "linear" approach introduces topics sequentially to be mastered by the student at that time in the program.

Gaining a thorough understanding of concepts in this manner gives students a leg up with schoolwork, however, and whenever those concepts may be covered in school.