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Why is my child starting at such an easy level?

Building on a firm foundation.  Learning concepts build upon one another like bricks in a wall.  The whole structure can collapse from gaps or weak spots far below.  If it's rock-solid from the very first layer, however, your child can safely move forward with a firm foundation to support them in more advanced work.

Developing disciplined study habits.  Working at such an easy level in the early weeks is so crucial because it gives students the chance to build self-esteem as they cultivate study habits they'll need throughout the program, as well as school-habits such as concentration, discipline and perseverance.

Nothing succeeds like success.  Intrinsic to the Kumon Method is the child's discovery of their ability to succeed often and every day.  UVIllage Kumon students gain confidence and independence by working on material they are prepared to tackle.  This is key to sure and steady progress.  From the very first set, our Kumon students experience success each and every day.  It's a great feeling!