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Why must my child be timed and complete assignments so quickly?

Basic concepts must truly be second-nature if your child is to retain them permanently.   Kumon developed the SCT (standard completion time) as the partner with good accuracy for determining mastery.  When a student is able to meet the SCT and accuracy criteria for a particular set, they know that they have mastered that packet and are able to move quickly and consistently through the curriculum.

The purpose of timing assignments is not to rush students or create a "beat-the-clock" mentality.  On the contrary, students are able to meet the SCT naturally as they grow more comfortable with the material and don't have to struggle for the correct answers.

If a student is taking longer than the SCT on a packet, it simply means that the answer is not coming easily enough yet.  The longer time indicates a need for repetition.  Once a student is able to easily meet the SCT, they are ready to move ahead to new and more challenging work.