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December Newsletter

Please click on the link to open our December center newsletter. It includes tips on how to stay on track with daily Kumon study, our holiday schedule and best wishes to our Kumon families for the new year!

November Center Newsletter

This month we discuss the importance of repetition in truly building brain power.
We are thankful for our amazing students and dedicated Kumon families! Happy Thanksgiving!

October UVillage Newsletter

The October center newsletter discusses ways for parents to foster learning success in your child....

September Newsletter

Please click on the link below to read the latest & greatest!

August Newsletter

Please open the link to read our August newsletter....

January Newsletter

The new year has begun! This month's newsletter discusses ways to reaffirm your commitment to your child's academic success through Kumon....

November UVIllage Kumon Newsletter

This month we discuss an article in the Scientific American describing the importance of emphasizing "process" over innate ability to children. It's a bit lengthy but very worth the read!

June Newsletter

Please click on the link to read the latest UVillage Kumon center newsletter, with tips for including reading into your summer routine.

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