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Homework Strategy for Vacations-Keep It Easy!

As a rule, we rarely send students further into the level they are working in over the holidays or vacation. If the Center is closed, or if students will be absent for more than a week, it's best to have them do work that feels easy rather than challenging. In fact, we often back students up to the beginning of whatever section they have been working on and have them run through it again while they are gone.
This strategy helps reduce the frustrations of having to do Kumon over the holidays or on vacation, because the work feels easy and comfortable. It also helps to reinforce previously learned concepts, which is key to Kumon study.

Going on Vacation? Please Read This........

Our hard-working students and their supportive families deserve to go on a fun & relaxing vacation! But organizing work for your child requires advance notice. Please be sure to read the "Holiday/Vacation Schedules" section under the Policies heading to find out what you need to do to make sure your child has the work they need to last until they return to the Center.
It is simply not possible for us to put together weeks of packets for your child at a moment's notice....

Holiday/Vacation Schedules

Going on a holiday or vacation? Let us know your schedule in advance and we'll put the work they'll need together.

Center Closures

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"Taking a Break"

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Termination Policy

30 days written notice is required if a student is going to discontinue the Kumon program.