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Holiday/Vacation Schedules

During the holidays or in the summer, it's easy to let us know when you'll be gone and will need packets put together to cover your time away.  You can leave a phone message, e-mail and/or send in a note letting us know the last day your child will be in class and the day they will return to class so that we can organize the right amount of work for your child.

Planning and organizing work for your child takes a great deal of thought and organization.  We require at least 1 days notice before any extended absence in order to put your child's vacation packet together.

If we do not receive advance notice, we will try our best to put a packet together for you by the end of class that day.  If we are simply too busy and are not able to put work together by the end of class, we will put the packet in the homework holder at the top of the steps for you to pick up the next day.

Please let us know if you want your child to take a few days off, lessen the daily workload, or even increase the amount of work to be done over your vacation.  Taking holidays such as Christmas Day and New Year's Day off is absolutely fine!  Just let us know which days you want off and we can easily adjust your child's packets.  While daily Kumon study is important, having a fun and relaxing holiday is moreso!