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Jeannie Ianelli


Jeannie Ianelli has been a Kumon mom since 1992 and a Kumon Instructor since 1995.

Jeannie discovered the Kumon program as a mom desperately searching for a program that could help her then 4th grade son, Jamie, who was struggling in math. Her neighbor mentioned Kumon, and they signed up. While surprised at how "easy" the work was in the beginning, by middle school Jamie was placed in the Honors math class. He was in the AP calculus class as a Junior, was an Economics major in college, and went on to get a law degree from Harvard Law School.

Jeannie and Jamie both agree that his story would be markedly different if Jeannie hadn't found Kumon for him when she did.

Just recently, Jamie told his mom how lucky he was to have had Kumon in his life. In Teach for America, he worked with students who did not have even the most basic math and reading skills, and whose parents were not involved in their academic lives. Jamie understands what a gift Kumon was to him.

Jeannie passionately believes that all students can benefit from the Kumon program, just as her own children have. She could see right away the confidence and calculation skills that Kumon was helping Jamie to develop, even in the beginning "easy" work. She decided to enroll Jamie's 3 younger siblings in primary school, and all 4 of her kids have graduated from college. Sara graduated from Loyola and has a degree in Design from Bellevue Community College; Tom graduated with a Creative Writing degree from Emory University, and Peter graduated from Pomona College with a PPE degree. He is now working on his Masters at Science Po in Paris.

For Jeannie, Kumon was her insurance policy for her children. She understood that no matter what was going on in the schools in terms of debate about the math curriculum, changes in state standards or the spiral nature of the school math and writing curriculum, her children would still be able to build the critical math and reading skills they would need to succeed and excel. Kumon did just that for the Ianellis.

Jeannie has confidence that all of her students can have similar success in school and life through Kumon study. She is proud to offer this program to the families in our area and help all of her students reach their full potential.

Robyn Aldrich

Office Manager

When you call Kumon of Uvillage, the first person you talk to is Robyn.

Robyn graduated from UW in 2001, with a B.A. in Math. Robyn brings many skills to her job as Office Manager. She is the friendly voice who returns your phone calls, inviting you to orientations and explaining the tuition options. But Robyn also knows the Kumon curriculum inside and out, and with her strong math background, is able to explain how the program helps students improve and excel in school.

Robyn knows and loves each of our students and their parents. She is an integral part of the successful team that brings Kumon to our community.