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How to Avoid Burn-Out-The KUMON 10-15 Minute Rule

How to Avoid Burn-Out

The KUMON 10-15 Minute Rule

Is your child's KUMON taking longer than 10-15 minutes each day?  If so, they are likely to miss out on the significant benefits of KUMON.

Here's what I mean.  Most adults know how hard it is to stay on a restrictive diet.  Imagine trying to stick to it every day for the next 4-5 years!  In some ways, we expect our children to do the equivalent in KUMON.  Parents often become impatient with the easy workload of KUMON.  Parents reason that their child already knows the material and is working below what they are doing in school.  Oftentimes, parents want to increase the daily workload for their child because they are "only doing addition" or they view the work as  "too easy".

Working for longer than a total of 10-15 minutes a day per subject is a recipe for burn-out. Burn-out means wasted time, wasted tuition and, sadly, wasted opportunities to master and excel in advanced math and language arts.

If KUMON remains simple and relatively easy, then students will do it regularly.  If they will do it, then they will advance through the program.  If they will advance through the program, then they will master new concepts never before introduced, working years above the international grade level.

It takes time to rebuild weak skills.  It takes even more time to master and internalize them.  But, if KUMON homework takes too long to complete each day, becomes even slightly too difficult, or skips past needed repetition to master the previous steps, then students begin to resist and argue on a nightly basis.

Let your child succeed! Successful KUMON study requires patience and perseverance on the parts of both students and parents.