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Jr. Kumon Program: Early Childhood Learning at its Best!

Junior Kumon is a program for students ages 2-7 years old.  Jr. Kumon is designed to develop a child's innate desire to learn and to help prepare them for their first academic challenges in math and reading.

Children work closely with a trained Jr. Kumon Assistant at the Center, and with a parent at home. Our individualized and interactive method gives Jr. Kumon students a leg up to becoming avid, independent learners and successful students.

Junior Kumon fosters:

  • A desire and motivation to learn
  • Acquisition of pre-literacy and numeracy skills
  • Comfort in a learning environment
  • Preparedness for school
  • A positive attitude towards learning
  • Confidence and self-esteem

Let your child discover the joy of learning.  Call us 206-524-0915 to enroll them in Jr. Kumon today!