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New School Year, New School Routine!


1. Connect with your child's teacher.

Building a relationship with your child's teacher can help you understand how your child is doing at school and how you can help your child best at home.  Try to meet with the teacher for a few minutes as soon as the school year begins.  Working as a team, this partnership can make the school year go more smoothly for you and your child.


2.  Establish a consistent homework routine right from the start.

Having a consistent homework time each day is an important component in building study skills.  Schedule a daily homework time for Kumon and for school in your family's new routine.  This not only establishes a homework "habit," but helps a child understand that homework is a priority in your home.  TIP: When my own kids were in elementary school, we did Kumon right after breakfast.  I took their cereal bowl away, gave them their Kumon packets and a pencil, and their work for the day was done before they were out of their pajamas!  Try Kumon after breakfast and see if it doesn't work for your family, too!


3.  Set up a study area.

One easy way to make study time more effective is to creat a distraction-free zone.  Place portable techology (smart phones, ipads, etc.) away from the study area.  Supplies such as pencils, sharpeners and erasers should be within arm's reach.  By establishing a structured study environment, you are enabling your child to study without distraction.


4.  Limit screen time.

Over the summer break, children usually have more free time and that could mean more time watching TV, playing video games and using the computer  The new school year offers an opportunity to initiate different habits such as limiting screen time to a certain amount of hours each day or week.  This can free up time to spend on activities that involve communication, imagination and exercise.


5.  Be positive and deliver genuine praise.

Parents who have a positive attitude towards learning and school can excite children with their enthusiasm.  Praising for accomplishments is just as important as praising for effort.  When you child does their homework without a reminder and on their own, this is a great opportunity to acknowledge their independence.


6.  My staff and I are here to help!

We have worked with thousands of families over the year to help our students build strong math, reading and study skills!  If you are struggling with establishing a daily study routine at home-or just need another adult to reinforce the message that daily homework is an important part of life-we have lots of ideas on how to communicate this to students, help to motivate them and support you.


We are proud of the progress our students made over the summer!

We are excited to be part of their academic team as they move into this new school year!