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Planting the Seeds of Success in Our Children

Kumon is a step-by-step program founded on the principles of independent learning. As Kumon students, your children will

develop the skills to understand how to solve problems and will use that knowledge to propel forward through the Kumon

Program.  The knowledge and skills your children develop in Kumon will translate to higher achievements outside the Kumon center,

from improved time management to increased confidence.


As with any worthwhile endeavor, the fruits of your children's efforts will not develop overnight.  In order to see lasting results, they

must work to cultivate those skills through daily practice.  Through the completion of individualized worksheets based on their level

within the Kumon program, your children will grow the skills they will need to achieve lasting success.  Just like each garden is

different, the pace at which your children progress through the program can vary depending upon their strengths and abilities.

However, by the time the fruits of their labors are ready to be harvested, your children will be equipped with all of the skills

necessary to succeed.