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Practice Makes Perfect

The Math Teacher's Council states that practice allows students to achieve automaticity of basic skills-the fast, accurate and effortless processing of math facts. This frees up working memory for more complex aspects of problem solving. Children need to know their math facts automatically and intuitively. This allows their working memory to be predominantly dedicated to new material in order to have a learning progression, and previously addressed material needs to be in long-term memory.

How do we do this in Kumon?

Practice Makes Perfect

Kumon students practice math and reading daily-just as they would a musical instrument or athletic skill:

* repetition of basic skills is critical for success
* students learn and advance in small, manageable steps
* each assignment has a specific time/accuracy target
* only when students master a concept-in both speed and accuracy-do they move on to the next through gradual advancement, students attain and then
* surpass their school grade

Through practice and consistency, all students are capable of mastering the foundational math and reading skills.  Whether your child is catching up or way ahead, there is no getting around the need for mastery.  Kumon allows all students the opportunity to master math and reading.