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UVIllage Kumon Resolutions for 2018!

Kumon Resolutions for 2018!

Reaffirm your commitment to your child's academic success by including Kumon in your family's New Year Resolutions.

  1. Commit to attend all classes and complete homework daily. If you are absent, be sure to pick up assignments. Just give us a call or e-mail (uvillagekumon@gmail.com) and we will put together enough packets to last until your next class day. 

  2. Work with your child to create a daily Kumon routine. If possible, make breakfast time "Kumon time". This worked so well for me when my own kids were in elementary school. 

  3. Remind your child that completing Kumon is like brushing your teeth: Even though you don't always feel like it, you need to do it every day to stay strong and healthy. 

  4. Schedule the Kumon work before completing schoolwork. This warms up the brain and makes school homework easier. 

  5. Home grade the daily work and ensure your child completes all corrections to 100%. We cannot emphasize how effective this is in helping your child to stay on track and make smooth, fast progress. Answer books are available! 

  6. Acknowledge your child's accomplishments. Praise them verbally for their hard work and effort. A little praise goes a long way! 

  7. Read the monthly newsletter and website. We work hard to keep our families up to date on center closures and issues that are current, helpful and of interest to our Kumon families. 

  8. Let us help! We are here to support your child and work with you as a team. Our highest priority is to help your child make strong, fast progress this year.
Thank you!  Jeannie Ianelli & UVillage Kumon Staff