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What is Mastery Learning and Why Is It Important?

Mastery requires being able to complete a problem correctly, quickly and without hesitation.  Achieving mastery is the goal for every Kumon student for every set they do each day.

One of the main differences between school and Kumon study is that Kumon requires students to master each concept before moving ahead to the next.

On the other hand, school teachers are required to teach such a broad curriculum that only a few days might be spent on a given topic before the teacher has to move on to a new concept.  School math curriculums are "a mile wide and an inch deep".  This approach exposes children to a wide range of concepts, but does not allow them the time or practice to fully master each task.  If students do not have the opportunity to master one concept before moving onto the next and often more complicated task, they will make errors and slowly fall behind as the material becomes more difficult.

In Kumon, worksheets are assigned daily, even though our students attend the center just once or twice a week.  Students spend about 10-15 minutes on their homework packets, and parents correct the work each day.  This allows our students to learn from their mistakes, preventing them from repeating the mistakes over and over again, which leads to slow progress and frustration.

An assignment that takes too long or is completed with too many errors is repeated until mastered.  This is how the Kumon Method ensures optimal comprehension and retention of concepts, establishing the strongest possible foundation for more advanced material.